In a recent paper, bamboo is examined as a potential sustainable, environmentally friendly renewable energy source that could replace fossil fuels.  The article was published in the journal GCB Bioenergy.

The researchers prioritise bamboo's quick development, prowess at absorbing carbon dioxide, and capacity to significantly increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

They explain many procedures that can be used to transform the raw material into bioethanol, biogas, and other bioenergy products, such as fermentation and pyrolysis.

There is now a tool with restricts for choosing the best species of bamboo for various bioenergy production procedures.

Reference: Potential use of bamboo resources in energy value-added conversion technology and energy systems by Zhiwei Liang, András Neményi, Gergő Péter Kovács and Csaba Gyuricza, 21 June 2023, GCB Bioenergy.

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